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Research Facilities

Pilot-scale combustion test facility designed specifically to address the growing need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants

nanofabrication facility

14,000 net sq ft facility includes a nanofabrication facility and a materials characterization facility

The new 3,350 sq. ft. makerspace welcomes all WashU students, faculty and staff to turn their designs into prototypes and join together to develop ideas that will impact the community and the world

nanomaterials lab

Shared research and educational environment for researchers particularly in the emerging area of nanomaterials

computer servers

A robust cyber-infrastructure to facilitate knowledge sharing, increase collaboration, minimize redundancy, and capital outlays for large data research

arial view of washu campus

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Center for Sensor Signal & Information Processing

Researchers focus on statistical signal processing and imaging to solve problems in security, defense, biomedicine, energy and the environment.