Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Certificate for McKelvey employees

The EDI Certificate program aims to provide faculty and staff with the opportunity to learn, practice and implement EDI skills within the school.

The two phases of this curriculum offer McKelvey faculty and staff the opportunity to learn and practice EDI skills while offering chances to discuss how the fundamental knowledge of EDI effect spaces within McKelvey.

At the end of this process, faculty and staff will be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills needed when it comes to EDI work.
  • Integrate ideas about EDI into daily practice.
  • Navigate communities and spaces dedicated to building, maintaining and extending EDI.
  • Use the language around EDI.
  • Create transformational change toward equity and inclusion and engage in work environments that leverage diversity and difference.

Apply by March 22, 2024


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Why does McKelvey need its own EDI Certificate program?  
Engaged EDI is a series designed and offered by the Office of Institutional Equity, providing a dive deep into learning about equity and inclusion. This engagement with the Office of Institutional Equity will be an opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and common language about EDI. However, for this learning to begin to transform McKelvey, it must be reinforced through practice and translated into use and application in a daily work environment. Moreover, the field of engineering and the McKelvey School of Engineering face unique challenges that require a specific lens to create long-lasting change. Thus, the McKelvey EDI Certificate program supplements this existing offering to maximize its impact on engineering and McKelvey.

Certificate benefits and format

Designed for faculty and staff in McKelvey Engineering
Integrative Group Coaching sessions for personal and professional growth
Time commitment: 30 hours during two phases
EDI Certificate participants will be invited to the annual EDI summit
"We aim to identify, inspire, and organize a community within McKelvey that is deeply committed to evolving towards being more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. This is one of the critical ways we can achieve that transformation. By wrapping the EDI Engage series in customized Integrated Group Coaching sessions and an annual EDI summit, we offer a space for this  community to interact."
— Marcus Foston, Associate Professor and Director of Diversity Initiatives

Core training elements:

The total time investment will be approximately 30 hours over two phases.
Phase 1 (20 hours)

Engage EDI (14 hours) — is a sequential, group-based, self-reflective, and skill-building approach to equity and inclusion work at WashU. This includes seven classes, organized by the Office of Institutional Equity, for EDI skill building and practice as well as one personal commitment statement. In the first phase and then a second phase that includes integrative action. Individuals who have already completed some Engage EDI classes receive credit towards the certificate.

Integrative Group Coaching (6 hours) — involves facilitated discussion groups that help participates to contextualize the use and application of EDI skills to their daily work environment and other McKelvey spaces, to challenge patterns that lead to bias and thought errors, and to implement new patterns and thought processes into their role. The groups will meet a total of four times throughout the year. Each session will be 90 minutes. 

Teams Interactive Spaces — will allow faculty and staff to have one more outlet and opportunity to process the information learned online.

Phase 2 (10 hour minimum)
EDI Practicum — completion of the certificate will require completion of (at least) one of the options.
  • Completion of new involvement (volunteer or otherwise) at national or local levels recognized for EDI work and service. This could be serving on the school’s EDI committee, becoming your department search advocate, mentoring a student group that serves underrepresented students, etc.
  • Completion of a project that will deepen the conversation around or further the practice of EDI. This could be project that involve fostering inclusive learning environments and pedagogies, engaging with marginalized communities to promote EDI values to the broader public, etc.

McKelvey Engineering EDI Summit

At the heart of our summit lies the commitment to three foundational pillars: Learning, Community, and Acknowledgment, Recognition and Ambassadorship. From expert-led sessions to authentic community-building activities, every aspect of the summit is designed to inspire and motivate our staff and faculty. We culminate our gathering with a special ceremony to honor those who've demonstrated exceptional dedication to EDI efforts, awarding them with recognition that showcases their impact.


  • Speakers & Workshops: Discover insights from leading voices in EDI and participate in workshops that matter.
  • Community Building: Engage in conversations that forge lasting connections and foster a supportive community.
  • Awards & Recognition: Celebrate the achievements of our EDI champions, emboldening a culture of inclusivity.