The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee at the McKelvey School of Engineering supports, guides and directs the school's mission toward diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our work as a committee will be rooted in four guiding principles:

  • A commitment to a culture and climate in which all students, faculty, and staff feel welcome and respected is critical for institutional excellence and distinction.
  • A transformation of not only individual values, beliefs, and behaviors but also institutional policies, procedures, and practices is required to improve diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Recruitment, retention, and success of underrepresented students, staff, and faculty is a cornerstone of addressing the lack of diversity within the academic and professional communities.
  • Developing common instructional practices and engaging in educational opportunities to create awareness, appreciation, acceptance and celebration of different cultures, beliefs and ideas.

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Director of Diversity Initiatives

“Marcus has always been a strong and innovative advocate for not only increasing the diversity of McKelvey, but also in consideration of climate and opportunity, especially for our students. Marcus will both lead and push, which is the perfect combination of attributes for this role.”

— Aaron Bobick, Dean

Foston to lead diversity initiatives in McKelvey School of Engineering

Other Committee members (Fall 2022)

Jessica Wagenseil
Jessica Allen
Justine Craig-Meyer
Seema Dahlheimer
Christine Dearmont
Marcus Foston
Lisa Gillis-Davis
Ashley Goedereis
Jamie Hendrix
Nia Hodges
Ariana Jasarevic
Fangqiong Ling
Sandra Matteucci
Beth Miller
Jody O'Sullivan
Meghann Pytka
Kurt Russell
Karen Schwelle
Shaun Sellers
Kevin Shaw
Dorcas Ussiri

Committee charge and responsibilities

We believe in creating and maintaining a culture that embraces and appreciates the strength and value of differences. Further, we realize there is an opportunity for growth in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we are committed to addressing longstanding inequality within the school and larger community. We are developing programs, policies and resources, but most importantly, we are listening to McKelvey Engineering students, staff and faculty. By working together, we can enact change.

The committee will guide the work of EDI in McKelvey Engineering through the following responsibilities:

  • Developing, revising and assessing the implementation of the EDI Strategic Plan and initiatives
  • Monitoring the development, implementation, and evaluation of a diverse, inclusive, and equitable climate and culture in McKelvey Engineering
  • Providing input on school-wide policies and procedures intended to address social injustice and inequality within McKelvey Engineering, Washington University and the St. Louis community
  • Guiding leadership with best practices for EDI in policies, teaching, training, hiring, and retention of faculty, staff and students
  • Serving as a resource for guidance and consultation regarding EDI issues for faculty, staff and students
  • Sharing the work of the committee with the McKelvey Engineering community
  • Recognizing the disparate impacts of current events on diverse campus communities

Join the committee

Members of the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion committee want to connect with faculty, students and staff who have an interest in joining us. Applications will be only considered at the end of each summer (June/July) for the next term or on a rolling basis throughout the fall semester for the current term.

Committee Member Expectations

  • Membership terms are limited with the option for renewal
  • The EDI Committee term coincides with the fiscal year (starting in August to ending in June)
  • Members are asked to commit at least four to six hours per month to the EDI Committee
  • This commitment may include monthly committee meetings, subcommittee meetings and events
  • Members should attend EDI Committee meetings and be prepared to engage

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