Technical Writing

Write technical material effectively for a target audience. Some of the skills you will learn:

  • Master business communication skills for the workplace
  • Design documentation with an effective layout and visual design
  • Cite relevant, credible information from appropriate technical sources
  • Use appropriate sources to solve problems

Amplifying CyberDiversity: Real Humans in Virtual Spaces

Explore human identity in cyberspace, from the Internet to video conferencing and social media. What constitutes "identity"? How have our historical social systems already become the foundation of our online realities? How does cyber-identity affect our biological lives-and how do our lives affect global cyber decision-making? At the end of this class, students will be skilled at analyzing the invisible social structures beneath the logarithms amplified in our real, biological lives. 

Engineering Ethics and Sustainability

By studying both historic and hypothetical engineering cases, the student will more fully appreciate a professional's responsibilities in applying emerging technologies to modern challenges. Special attention will be given to sustainability in response to global social issues. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate mature decision making skills and to appreciate the importance of lifelong learning about both professional practice and ethical issues.

Leadership and Team Building

Forms of leadership and qualities of effective leaders evaluated through case studies, with opportunities for self-analysis. Teamwork and effective team-building skills in engineering environments, with a focus on multidisciplinary and complex engineering projects.

Conflict Management and Negotiation

Learn core competencies that lead to effective conflict management. Discern underlying sources of conflict and approaches to work through it. Develop a plan to handle confrontation as well as strategies that will minimize future conflict. Resolving conflict helps facilitate achieving personal, team, and organizational goals, leading to higher performance levels.

Publication Writing

Academic writing in science, mathematics, and engineering fields is a requirement for professional advancement. This course is designed to help students gain the skills needed to write academic peer reviewed research publications. Enrolled students will have the option to write about their own research projects.

Communication Tools for Academic & Professional Success in Engineering

This is a course designed for international students. The course will provide students with tools to assist with language proficiency, career guidance and cultural learning experiences.

Presentation Skills for Scientists and Engineers

This course focuses on developing memorable and powerful presentations about scientific or technical topics for non-specialists. Technical presentations are a complex blend of information, conversation, and performance, requiring a nuanced set of cognition, emotional intelligence, and design skills.