Each year, out of the 300 students that take Technical Writing, several will be nominated to receive a Technical Writing Award. Instructors submit the top research papers for consideration, and through an annual judging session, a winner is selected. The distinction appears on the winner’s permanent transcript from the university.

2019 Technical Writing Awards – Winners 

Best of the Best Award of Excellence in Technical Writing

Rachel Jakes,  Mozart’s Music

Awards of Excellence in Technical Writing

  • Simone Raeth, Disney Engineering
  • Luna Yang, Has Boeing Become The Second Ford--Reflection On Ethiopian Airline Flight 302 Crash

Awards of Merit in Technical Writing

  • Ellen Dai, Visions of the Past--How Paleoartists Accurately Reconstruct Dinosaurs
  • Arushee Agrawal, Improving Educational Resources for Future Software Engineers
  • Rebecca Davis, Where is My Bus?:  Strategies and Incentives to Increase Ridership on the St. Louis Metro

Special Award of Merit : Impact Award

  • Khin-Wai Phyo Han , Launch of the Pyin Nyar

Honorable Mentions

  • Donald Aboytes, Putting Significance to the Test
  • Rachel Lockwood, Mind-Controlled Prosthesis
  • Sennett Yang, Should Intermittent Fasting be Used as an Alternative Solution Against Type II Diabetes and Obesity