Tuition & Financial Assistance for Graduate Students

Department Chair's Master's Fellowship

This fellowship provides master of science degree candidates in the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electrical & Systems Engineering (ESE), Energy, Environmental, & Chemical Engineering (EECE) or the Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science (MEMS) departments a financially-supported research position during their master's studies. Students from other engineering fields and STEM disciplines are also encouraged to apply.

Department Chair's Master's Research Fellowship

Students who are accepted into this fellowship will receive financial funding and special consideration and potential expedited admissions for our PhD programs.

Application deadline: March 1

Eligible master's programs include:

Benefit to students: 

  • Students receive full tuition remission for up to four semesters.
  • Students receive competitive financial support.
  • Students who complete the program can use the course credit earned and thesis to receive consideration for direct admission without application and advanced standing in a PhD program.

Program requirements:

  • Students must pursue the thesis track of the applicable master of science degree program.
  • Students would take at least 9 units each the fall and spring while conducting research in a lab. 
  • Summer coursework is not required but supported summer research is possible.
  • Students will be connected directly with faculty advisers who will mentor the student’s research.
  • Students are expected to choose a research adviser by the end of the first semester.

Detailed requirements for the program may vary by department

Who is eligible and how to apply?

  • This fellowship is open to domestic students* at this time.
  • The application deadline is March 1. Start your application
  • During the application process, you will complete an essay (about 250 words) that touch on the following points:
    1. In which research areas are you most interested? (CSE researchEECE researchESE research, MEMS research)
    2. Based on your research interests, which faculty members are you most interested in working with? (CSE facultyEECE facultyESE faculty, MEMS faculty)
    3. What skills have you gained that will allow you to become a valued member of the faculty member's research team?

* Citizen or non-citizen national of the United States or an individual who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States.