Isolation Gowns

Gown selection was finalized after presenting a number of prototypes to clinicians at BJC and the WashU School of Medicine for evaluation. These efforts were lead by the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis as part of the WashU/ BJC Maker Task Force (MTF). The design files can be downloaded here.

The maker community has now been working with a local company to produce and sew a number of gowns and they are being used in emergency situations in clinics when standard issue gowns are not available.

Key specs of the design include:

  • A disposable material that is water repellent and has some degree of barrier protection
  • A lightweight plastic material (1.2 Mil Polypropylene) that is easy to move around in and will require less waste management for disposal than some bulkier alternatives
  • Elastic cuffs and ties at the collar and waist to ensure comfort and fit
  • Perforations on the ties on the back to allow healthcare providers to more easily tear away and doff the gown
  • Fill coverage (no gap) in the back to cover as much of the healthcare provider as possible