When is the application due each year?

February 28

Is admission guaranteed?

All applicants are admitted as long as the candidate:

  1. is currently attending one of our affiliations schools
  2. completes all of the course requirements for admission and achieves a 3.25 GPA or above (overall and math/science)
  3. is endorsed by their current institution certifying aptitude for engineering study and the completion of a bachelor's level, non-engineering degree at the current institution no later than receipt of the engineering degree from WashU

The only reason a student would not be accepted after meeting the above requirements is if they had an anomaly on their record such as a felony or a severe academic integrity violation, for example.

How do I know which courses will transfer to WashU?

Undergraduate engineering Student Services maintains course evaluation decisions from past years on the Outside Course Evaluation Database. Click on the first letter of the name of your college or university to find the list of previously evaluated courses. Classes not listed on our transfer database can still be evaluated to see if they will transfer to WashU.

What is the difference between the 2-year option and the 3-year option?

Participants in the Undergraduate 2-year option earn two degrees, a liberal arts degree from their current school and an engineering degree from WashU, typically following a 3-2 or 4-2 schedule.

Participants in the Graduate 3-year Option complete both a liberal arts degree from their current school and then an engineering undergraduate degree and engineering master’s degree in three years at WashU, typically following a 3-3 or 4-3 schedule. Both commonly enter WashU after their junior or senior year.

What are the financial aid possibilities for both options?

All students who enter the Graduate 3-year Option are awarded the Graduate Affiliation Scholarship which guarantees a 50 percent tuition discount for the first year, a 55 percent discount the second year and a 60 percent discount the third year. International and domestic students are eligible.

Domestic students who enter the Undergraduate 2-year Option may also be eligible for federal grants, student loans and part-time employment. Participants in the Undergraduate 2-year option are classified as an undergraduate student and therefore may qualify for undergraduate financial support. If you are currently a senior, you may be eligible for more undergraduate support if you wait and graduate with both undergraduate degrees from both institutions at the same time.

Are merit-based scholarships available?

Yes. The Harold P. Brown Engineering Fellowship is a merit-based scholarship for dual degree students enrolled in the Undergraduate 2-year Option who excel both academically and in co-curricular achievements.

The Hunter Scholarship is for dual degree students enrolled in the Graduate 3-year Option. The application is available on the Dual Degree webpage, and is due by March 10.

Can I wait to decide on the which option after seeing my financial aid possibilities?

Yes. Students who are admitted to both the Undergraduate 2-year Option and the Graduate 3-year Option often receive their financial aid award package by March 30. Students have until May 1 to decide which option they wish to pursue.

What are the housing options?

Typically Dual Degree students live in the Dual Degree apartments (located within walking distance to campus in the University City Loop), other WashU-owned apartments, or in other nearby apartment buildings in the residential neighborhood north and northeast of the Danforth Campus.