Students attending institutions affiliated with the WashU Engineering Dual Degree Program are eligible to apply to engineering master's programs under a variety of admissions options.

Students interested in engineering are encouraged to earn undergraduate engineering degrees to gain a strong foundation in general engineering principles and to further expand their options by earning master's degrees.

The three options for affiliated students to pursue WashU master's degrees are:

  • Engineering Undergraduate Degree (2-year option): Students enroll into the WashU Engineering Dual Degree Program as traditional undergraduate Dual Degree students, taking two years to earn an undergraduate engineering degree. After completing one year at WashU, qualified students may optionally apply for admission into an engineering master's program. Admitted students are classified as graduate students during their third year at WashU; these students may be eligible for graduate aid during the third year based upon their first-year undergraduate WashU GPA (view financial aid chart).
  • Engineering Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees (3-year option): After completing 90 credits from an affiliated school, students enroll directly into both an engineering master's program and an undergraduate engineering program at WashU. Students earn both engineering degrees and are classified as graduate students for all three years at WashU. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is typically required for entry into the program. For all students admitted, tuition is reduced: 50% the first year, 55% the second year and 60% the third year.
  • Direct admission into a Master's Program (not Dual Degree): After completing a non-engineering undergraduate degree from an affiliated school, qualified students may enroll directly into an engineering master's program at WashU (no undergraduate engineering degree is earned). Students completing a non-engineering undergraduate degree from an affiliated school who are admitted directly into a master's program receive a 35% tuition scholarship. For more information about applying directly to a graduate program, please visit Graduate Admissions or email

Master of Engineering versus Master of Science Degrees

Master of Engineering degrees are typically viewed as terminal degrees allowing maximum flexibility in course selection. Master of Science degrees are typically more structured in terms of required course work, and students with undergraduate degrees specifically in engineering are often better prepared to enter these master's programs.Graduates from Master of Science programs are better prepared to move forward to doctoral programs, as they often become more involved in research experience. However, Master of Science programs also include course only options for those not interested in doing research.