WashU permits the transfer of credit earned at other colleges and universities if all four conditions below are true:

  1. The course is one for which credit would normally be awarded at Washington University.
  2. The course was taken at a fully accredited college or university.
    - and -
  3. The course was (all three conditions below must be met):
    • Taught on the campus of a college or university;
    • Enrolled in primarily by duly matriculated college students (i.e., high school graduates);
    • Taught by a regular college faculty member.
  4. The course did NOT count toward high school graduation requirements.

Students unable to meet all four conditions who still believe they qualify for accelerated placement should contact Engineering Student Services for circumstantial review.

Please use the Application for Transfer Credit Form (.pdf) to be completed by the registrar or dean of the college where the course was taken.