To earn any bachelor's degree from the McKelvey School of Engineering, you must complete the school's humanities and social sciences requirement:

  1. Minimum units: at least 18 units of humanities and social sciences courses must be completed with passing grades. Humanities and social sciences courses, other than transfer courses, may be taken for pass/fail credit.
  2. Breadth: at least 6 units of the 18 must be in the humanities and at least 6 units must be in the social sciences.
  3. Upper-level: at least 3 units of the 18 units completed must be from one or more courses numbered 300 or higher.

Washington University in St. Louis courses labeled with the EN:H or EN:S attribute in the semester course listings will count respectively toward the humanities or social sciences requirement for engineering degrees. As a convenience, preapproved listings of humanities and social sciences courses are provided for Architecture and Business.

Courses taken elsewhere are treated as transfer courses. Transfer courses must be approved through Engineering Undergraduate Student Services as acceptable transfer credit and as applicable humanities or social sciences courses. All transfer courses must be taken for credit (not pass/fail), and students must earn a C- or better in transfer courses for the credit to transfer to the school. Grades do not transfer.

Find Humanities & Social Sciences requirements on WebSTAC:

You can easily search for WashU courses online that will count as fulfilling either Humanities or Social Sciences credits for any engineering program. Use WebSTAC's course listings option. From there, you can select a specific school's set of courses from the drop-down box. For example, select Arts & Sciences for the bulk of applicable Humanities and Social Sciences courses; however, there are also a few applicable courses under Business, Architecture and Design & Visual Arts.

How-to input search criteria

  1. Select the given School/area of courses
  2. Select "Any Department" to examine all possible courses across all departments.
  3. Select the "attribute" lines to indicate you wish to search specifically for Engineering-approved Humanities & Social Science courses; these are the lines labeled as "(EN) H" and "(EN) S."

Humanities and Social Sciences requirement fulfillment varies between schools, and each school will have its own coding. Thus, be certain to look for "EN H" or "EN S" if you want to make sure the course counts for an Engineering degree.