Many courses offer the grade option to be taken for letter grade or for pass/fail. However, most courses should be taken for letter grade. Courses taken with the pass/fail grade option will generally not count toward major or minor requirements.

The deadline to change course grade options are published each semester. In fairness to all students, it is generally not possible to change a course grade option after the published deadline. If some exceptional situation has occurred which you believe might merit a late grade option change in an engineering course (e.g., an extreme health emergency), please email Associate Dean Chris Kroeger and explain in detail the rationale for the request. Requests must be made before the last week of classes begin at the end of the semester, and before any final grades have been determined in the course. If Associate Dean Kroeger approves the exception, the engineering course professor will then also have to approve the exception for the grade option to be changed.

The above applies to undergraduate engineering students enrolled in engineering courses.