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How do I learn more about Lockdown browser?

Here is a guide to Lockdown browser resources and webinars.

How do I learn more about Respondus Monitor?

Here is a guide to Monitor resources and webinars.

I would like to use Respondus, but is it reasonable to expect students to have a webcam? I'm concerned with accessibility for disadvantaged students.

This is a fair concern and may be a good reason to consider just using Lockdown Browser instead of Monitor. Ultimately, students who are determined to cheat will likely find a way to do so. Using either Respondus tool is a signal to your students that you care about academic integrity and a deterrent to low effort cheating (e.g., copy and paste answers).

What about an iPhone camera instead of a webcam? Is that possible for using Respondus?

No, Monitor requires either an integrated camera (as is common for a laptop or all-in-one device) or a webcam connected to the computer via USB.

During lockdown browser operation, if a student accidentally turns off the browser, what should they do? Can they come back?

By default, Lockdown browser allows a student to exit the browser and re-enter, after multiple prompts. It also requests an explanation for the Early Exit, which you can review later. You can choose to lock a student into the browser, which means that the test will be submitted once the browser is closed, but this is not recommended.

How would a student submit a picture or other file using lockdown browser?

If the Canvas quiz questions is set as a file upload type, a student can use the built-in tool in Canvas to choose and upload a file. HOWEVER, they would not be able to create a file on that computer during the exam, so the file or picture would have to be something they’ve already created before starting the exam.