Graduate Student Services offers professional development for PhD students.

Each workshop has a theme related to professional development goals for McKelvey Engineering PhD students. Topics include:


Core competencies

Offered in August & March

  • Ethics
  • Writing
  • Presentations
  • Communication
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion


Research skills

Offered in August, October & February

  • Responsible and ethical conduct of research
  • Fellowships
  • Lap and project management
  • Budgets
  • Intellectual property (IP)


Teaching skills

Offered in November & February

  • Syllabus design
  • AI workshops
  • Lab course design
  • Instructional design
  • Teaching and diversity statements



Career exploration

Offered in October & January

  • Individual development plans (IDPs)
  • Job searches
  • CVs
  • Externships
  • Alumni panels
  • Industry visits


The program goal is to educate students in a broad manner, utilizing skills that will be useful for careers, whether in academia, industry or government.

In addition to the above, a mental health workshop is offered each semester specifically for McKelvey students.

Current students
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