Engineering PhD Forms

Please follow instructions outlined on each form.  When completing forms, be sure to enter information in all highlighted boxes then click "finish" to begin routing.  If you have questions, feel you made an error on the form, or to check the status of a form, please contact your Graduate Program Advisor.  Do not submit duplicates of the same form.

Forms for Student Use      *Computer Science and Engineering students should contact Cleopatra Benos before initiating any forms.

  • PhD Qualifying Exam
    Upon completion of the QE, enter the committee members' names and email addresses.  Enter the date of the exam and indicate if this is the 1st attempt or 2nd attempt.  Refer to the departmental handbook for specific requirements regarding the QE.
  • PhD Lab Affiliation
    When a final lab location has been secured, enter the name and email address of the Research Advisor (PI).  Financial support is dependent upon completion of this document. 
  • PhD Research Advisory Committee Approval
    Approval of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is needed prior to presenting the dissertation proposal.  Enter the committee members' names and email addresses. 
  • PhD Proposal/Title Scope & Procedure
    After obtaining approval of the (RAC) enter the title of the dissertation, describe the scope and procedure.  Enter the names and emails of the committee members.
  • PhD Mentored Teaching-Professional Experience Milestone
    Once all requirements for the MTE/MPE have been met (review handbook for specifics), provide a brief description or include an attachment of the MTE/MPE.
  • PhD Dissertation Defense Committee Approval
    Prior to the dissertation defense date (at least 6 months prior), enter the names and email addresses for the five or six committee members, per policy. Contact your GPA to initiate this form.
  • PhD Dissertation Defense Approval
    Upon acceptance of the dissertation defense, submit this form with the final title of the dissertation and the committee members' names and email addresses.
  • PhD Transfer Credit
    To have outside coursework (non-WashU) evaluated for credit towards the PhD, submit this form along with an unofficial copy of your transcript from the outside institution.  This form should not be used to request WashU undergraduate or Master's coursework be counted towards the PhD. 
  • PhD Request for Reinstatement
    At least 4 weeks prior to enrolling in classes or prior to the start of the semester, students returning from a leave of absence must initiate approval by indicating the date of return.  Medical leave of absences must first be recommended by Habif Health & Wellness Center.

Forms for Departmental Use

  • PhD Departmental Requirements
    Prior to a student’s dissertation defense, Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors will review department specific requirements needed to obtain the PhD.  If the student has met all requirements, this will confirm completion.
  • PhD Defense Notification
    Once learning of a student’s intent to defend, Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors should notify the Registrar of the upcoming defense using this form. The date, title and location of the defense and a copy of the student’s CV will need to be attached. Complete at least two weeks prior to the defense date.
  • PhD Request for Leave of Absence
    If a student needs to take a leave of absence, Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors must submit this request to start the approval process. Students requesting a medical leave must first contact Student Health Services.
  • PhD Probation
    If a student is placed on probation, Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors must submit this form to gain approval from the Associate Dean of Student Services. This will also notify the Registrar. A copy of the proposed probation letter to the student needs to be attached, but not yet issued to the student.
  • PhD Return to Good Standing
    Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors will use this form to remove a student from probation status. 
  • PhD Degree Candidacy Extended
    For use by Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors when a student’s status needs to change to Degree Candidacy Extended. Details around this status can be found in the Bulletin under Engineering Doctoral Policies.
  • PhD Withdrawal
    If a student needs to withdraw from their PhD program, Coordinators or Graduate Program Advisors will submit this request to start the approval/notification process.

Forms for faculty and staff

Master's Degree Candidate Forms


For thesis/dissertation submissions, see the Thesis & Dissertation Submission Procedures page.