Steps required for submission: 

1. Format your thesis/dissertation – McKelvey Engineering Master's and D.Sc. students may make use of the Engineering D.Sc. and Masters Thesis Format Guideline templates available in WORD or LaTex format. (NOTE: The WORD document was updated in 2019 to follow the APA guidelines. No updates were made to the LaTex formatted version.) DSc and Master's students may optionally submit a draft (PDF or WORD) copy of their thesis/dissertation to prior to submission of final copies for a format preview. Ph.D. students should check the Doctoral Dissertation Guide for specific formatting requirements.
2. ORCiD – Students are encouraged to establish an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCiD) and begin to populate their profile at ORCiD is a free, personal digital identifier which several funders, publishers, scholarly associations, databases, and universities are beginning to adopt or require. Many scholars will want to establish their ORCiD profile and maintain it throughout their careers. Students are also encouraged to include their ORCiD in their thesis submission in Open Scholarship. For further information, review
3. Final oral defense – A graduate student must successfully defend their thesis/dissertation before the stated deadlines in the academic calendar. A thesis/dissertation acceptance form must be completed and signed by all committee members before proceeding further with submission of final materials for publication. The student's department administrator will make copies of the acceptance form and send the original form to the Registrar's office.
4. Electronic submission – After submission of the final oral exam report, students must electronically submit the finished work. Master’s theses are submitted through the Washington University Library’s Open Scholarship website at the link below.

Master's electronic submission

You will need an activated WUSTL key and password in order to create your thesis submission. When you are ready to submit, make sure you have or know the following:
  • Activated WUSTL key and password
  • Full text of the thesis as a single PDF file, preferably under 30MB. If you PDF is larger than that or if you have problems formatting your thesis as a PDF, please contact Digital Library Services at
  • Abstract
  • Optional supplementary files
  • Adviser and other committee members' names
Doctor of Science (DSc) students submit their final dissertations to ProQuest at the link below. For more information, students may review The Graduate School's

Doctoral Dissertation Guide 

    1. or consult with their department administrator.

D.Sc. electronic submission

5. Review and approval process – McKelvey Registrar's office is notified when a student submits a thesis to Open Scholarship. The amount of time needed to review the manuscript, and the number and nature of any changes required to be made, are generally determined by how carefully students have prepared their work. Please do not wait until the deadline day to submit your final thesis! Your work must be formatted correctly and approved by the Registrar's Office in order for you to graduate. When the review is complete, students will receive an email through Open Scholarship, stating one of the following:

  1. Your submission has no revisions and is being accepted
  2. Your submission has no revisions, but we are missing required paperwork.
  3. Your submission has a few revisions that must be made before we can accept it.

6. Thesis-on-Demand (TOD) – McKelvey Engineering students may order copies of their thesis to be copied and bound only after they have received final approval of their online submission. Students need to check with their department's administrator before ordering printed and bound copies of their thesis. In some departments, copies will be ordered directly by departmental staff; in other departments, students will order copies and request reimbursement. Clarify your department's procedures before ordering printed and bound copies of your thesis.

  • Go to to order copies. Begin by uploading your PDF; when prompted, fill out the remainder of the page. If copies are being mailed to different shipping addresses, a new form is needed for each mailing address; all copies ordered together will be shipped to a single destination. Note that this service will not ship to international addresses.
  • On the second page of the order form, "Document Information as Uploaded" will appear on the right side of the page; check to be sure the total number of pages, number of color versus black and white, and the information about images is all accurate. Doctoral students who submit to ProQuest will already have embedded fonts.
  • If the thesis/dissertation does not have color pages, choose "Print Document in Black and White Only" option; if it does have color pages, choose the "Print Document in Color" option.
  • Students may consult the FAQ section of the bindery's website: Students will need to enter the university's zip code, 63130, in order to access these questions and answers.

Note to Doctoral students: Doctoral students must also submit an online Survey of Earned Doctorates form. The completion of this survey is a graduation requirement, so please plan to complete the survey prior to the dissertation deadline. Ph.D. students are also asked to complete the Post-Graduate Job Survey. All Ph.D. students should refer to the Doctoral Dissertation Guide with any questions regarding their requirements.